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Augment The Reality Of Retail

Augment the reality of Retail

Today technology has changed almost everything. It is time for a digital transformation in all the sectors. Brick and mortar are also undergoing revolutionary change, especially with e-commerce re-shaping the shopping choices over the years making it more efficient and convenient. With such a tidal wave of digital and technological advancements, the physical stores have also found their way out.

AR is the perfect solution for e-commerce and retail sector. With each year, as the technology advances and so does the trends. Augmented Reality is no more a thing of future, it is the present for the retail sector with the recent launch of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

Moreover, 75% of customers expecting retailers to provide an augmented reality experience.

While AR is fun and entertainment, it also offers many other benefits to retailers.

AR is estimated to be valued at $61.39 billion dollars by 2023. So, let’s dive deep with more detailed benefits.
AR Retailers with Benefits

• Personalization:

As the young generation expects a more personalized approach, AR is the best technology for the retailers. About a third of this generation are more likely to purchase a product after previewing it or trying it through AR tech.

• Opportunity:

Where there are shoppers and retailer, there is an opportunity for AR. About 40% of the consumers would be willing to pay more for a product if they get an AR experience of the products.

• Minimalize Return:

Implementing AR technology would also eliminate the difference between “How the dress looks?

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